Agrotech Valley


The purpose of the Agrotech Valley Forum is to promote cooperation between companies and scientific institutions as well as to create links between agriculture and up- and down-stream industries and other economic and research fields. This, in turn, should stimulate the transfer of knowledge between developers and users and increase networking potential across the entire bio-economic value creation chain.

In addition to this, the association aims to promote the innovative power of the region and its companies by initiating innovation projects and assisting start-ups. To achieve this objective the association focuses on creating links between business, the sciences and government authorities as well as collaboration with existing business development agencies and the knowledge and technology transfer bodies run by universities.

The association’s specific objectives are to

  • enhance the dialogue between industry and academic research.
  • increase the cluster’s profile.
  • link the region’s companies within a network.
  • optimize framework conditions for companies.
  • create impulses for future agricultural research fields.