Agrotech Valley

Experimentation Field

for the digital transformation of agricultural plant cultivation

Project based on the “Experimentation Fields in Agriculture” Tender issued by the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture

In the coming years the ongoing process of digitization will result in rapid changes to the agricultural operating environment and what being a farmer means. The Agro-Nordwest experimentation field will therefore focus on the farmers who cultivate plants and their realistic operating environment to develop needs-oriented solutions. In this context, the early integration of users is a crucial factor for the success of adoption of digitization opportunities in agriculture and a precondition for the improved utilization of potential as well as the ability to assess more precisely the risks of unintentional side effects caused by field testing of pilot applications.

Project and experimentation field focuses include

  1. The economic efficiency of environment-friendly technologies
  2. Transformation processes in digital agricultural production
  3. Cross-manufacturer procedure chains
  4. Sensor- and data-based decision making in plant cultivation
  5. Field trialling of autonomous field robotics
  6. Practically oriented concepts for knowledge and technology transfer to various target groups

Project duration: 10.2019 – 09.2022