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Hydrogen in agricultural technology

Agriculture offers promising bases and already existing infrastructures to integrate innovative hydrogen technologies into the general energy supply. In the future, agricultural land could be used more for the production, storage and transport of green hydrogen. The existing renewable energy sources on farms (mainly biogas, PV and wind power plants) play a major role here. In addition, there are first practice-oriented research projects to determine the potential of a hydrogen drive in agricultural machinery, so that in future the hydrogen produced could also be used directly on the farm.

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The goal of the project is the development of a strategic framework for action with entry-level scenarios for application-oriented innovation and development projects on the subject of hydrogen in agricultural engineering and the cross-sectional disciplines required for this (energy systems, robotics, AI...). Together with stakeholders from business, science and administration, the way to the development of a H2-based supply infrastructure and drive technology for agricultural engineering by 2030 is to be shown for the metropolitan region. In this way, the gradual conversion from fossil drives and energy generation is made possible by testing H2 technology paths along a roadmap with the aim of electrifying the units. For the development of a hydrogen infrastructure, the coupling of the agricultural technology and energy sectors (electricity, heat, H2) essential. The integration of producers and consumers requires intelligent networking with the topics of digitization and agricultural robotics with the aim of automated, resource-saving land management and mobile H2 supply logistics in rural areas. This will significantly improve the positioning and visibility of application options for H2 technologies in agricultural engineering in the metropolitan area and beyond.

 Significantly improved visibility of application options for H2 technologies in agricultural engineering in the metropolitan region and beyond.

Project duration: 01.2022-12.2022


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Lucas Hüer, M.Sc
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