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Smart Green – Big Data and eco-innovative resource use in the NSR Greenhouse industry – greening the growth in horticultural production


Prof. Dr. Andreas Bettin








Greenhouse production of fresh fruit, vegetables and ornamentals is a successful, innovativecomponent of the NSR economy with an output of€9 bn p.a. and directly employing >500Kpersons. It embraces >10,000 SMEs and a large high technology supply chain. It helps providesustainable, healthy and nutritious diets to consumers. However, all producers in the NSR arefacing similar challenges, including a high reliance on energy (CO2 output >6.6MT), water and alow uptake of renewables. Eco-innovations in new or improved control methods/services toreduce the use of resources (energy, water and chemicals) and decreases CO2 emission isneeded. In this programme we will use novel Big Data analysis combined with practicaldemonstrations in SME securing a leap towards a greener, sustainable and more energyefficient (by 10%) production system. Delivery requires a transnational collaboration tosynthesize leading competences and to build new ways of linking SMEs to the greening action.SmartGreen connects experienced research groups and SMEs to create a strong synergy topromote the greening of the NSR industry. By fostering innovative eco-enterprise, we canmaintain NSR economic growth whilst generating significant environmental benefits: lesspollution, lower emissions and longer-lasting use of resources. The transnational nature ofthese projects will stimulate the development and adoption of eco-friendly and low-carbonproducts, green services and processes in greenhouses in NSR.



Gewächshaus, Energieeffizienz


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Lead Beneficiary Aarhus University; Project Beneficiaries, Denmark; LWK Nds.; Provincial Proefcentrum, Belgium; Proefcentrum Voor Sieteelt, Belgium; Urban Crops; Belgium; Mermans, Belgium